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Our latest challenge from the good people over at Trifecta was this. Construct a 33-word story about love gone wrong. The catch? Don’t use any of these words:

So, here’s my entry.


For three years we’d shared everything. We’d met family, taken vacations, and grown practically inseparable. Tonight I came home to find all of her things gone, “goodbye” scrawled in lipstick on the mirror.


  1. So sad…and somethimes happens 😦

  2. Wow. That was inexplicable!

    • Ah, the tragedy of a limited word count. Still, sometimes it’s better with such things left unexplained.

  3. I wonder what signs were missed, or if she concealed it that well. Still, startling to come home and find that!

  4. Always when you least expect it…

  5. I guess there had been warningsigns but love is blind

  6. And we though we were happy … not a sign to show that this would happen. She should have taken the time to find a pen. Isn’t 3 years worth an explanation?

  7. Devastating.

  8. Some things you just don’t see coming. . . Thanks for linking up!

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