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This week’s Trifextra Challenge gave us this photo. We were told to write 33 words inspired by the image. My piece, The Café, can be read below. It’s flash fiction from photography, for those of you who love alliteration as much as I do.

Creative Commons License

Photo by Thomas Leuthard. Found here.

“The Café”

Evie could be found at her favorite café table with a stack of books every day at three.

Every day at three, Marcia walked past the café, gazing longingly at the reading girl.


  1. One girl’s reality-another’s dream!Life!Well written:-)

  2. Like how lives connect and they might not even know it. Nice write! Thanks for linking up!

  3. Cool. Maybe Evie can teach Marcia to read.

  4. Whether it is a look of longing because cafe girl has the time to read or because she has the skill to read but, whatever the case, you captured that sense of yearning really well. Good work. 🙂

  5. Unrequited love hurts the most.

  6. Nice – this feels like it could be the opening to a longer piece. Very cool.

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