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You say
That you want a
But that it can’t be
Political. That it can’t
Be about my
Identity, about who I
Choose to love,
About how I feel.
You say
That you want a
But it shouldn’t
Attack those in power,
That it should be
Passive, peaceful,
About unity, despite
Your support for those
Who would divide
You say
That you want a
But it shouldn’t
Include lines about the
Ways in which I
Have been erased,
In which my friends and
Loved ones and
Chosen family have
Been ignored or betrayed.
You say
That you want a
But it shouldn’t
Reflect on the life
I’ve lived or the
That I’ve seen,
Held in my hand,
A small
Fragment of grief
Beyond description.
You say
That you want a
But you don’t
Seem to actually
Know what

“When the Sea Meets the Sky”

“I’ll find you again,” she whispered in
My ear before we parted. “I’ll find you
When the sea meets the sky.”

Years passed, and I searched high and
Low, travelling the world over, seeking
Where the sea meets the sky.

Never in that time did I ever meet any
Who loved me as she did, who made
My heart soar to meet the sky.

On the day I knew I was to die, I sat
Alone and waited, certain I would
Hear her voice under the grey sky.

And as the rain began to fall, she
Whispered once again. “My love,
Did you not see how sea meets sky?”

Wha? Eleven days? What the hell, April? I’m sorry, everyone. I’ve done all of no writing on here in a week and a half. On the plus side, I wrote something for you at work yesterday.

Yes, I got paid to do this, but only because I was on the clock at the bookstore.

Yes, I got paid to do this, but only because I was on the clock at the bookstore.


My boss was in the process of rearranging half of the gift merchandise in the store when I got to work last night, and she handed me the Magnetic Poetry (copyright info here) display. We were switching all of the magnets to a slightly smaller display, so I was instructed to fit all of the demo magnets on the smaller stand. I did as instructed, but I also took the time to craft a short poem for my favorite readers (but don’t worry, you can all read it).

And here’s the text of said poem, just in case you’re having trouble getting that photo to load.

“let me dream of you
and worship like rain
for a rose & love like
a storm above the sea”

Today’s post is a poem I wrote a few years ago, originally for a poetry slam. I consider it the single best piece I wrote during my college career, and so I thought that National Poetry Month was the perfect time to share it with my current audience. This is “Gravity.”

Gravity is a bitch, but I let her have her way with me anyway.

She tries to keep me in bed every morning. I guess she likes

To keep me down, constantly. I’ve known since she first gave me her number

That it would be like this (it’s 6.67×1011, by the way—Somehow I’m

Feeling like she hasn’t been getting those texts I’ve been trying to

Send to her). I think it’s a doomed relationship, but she’ll never let me go.

I don’t even remember how long it’s been since I met her. I think I’ve

Known deep down that we’ll never be apart for long.

I suppose that her embrace is comforting.

Being too far from it can be disorienting. It’s a strange sensation.

Like I’m weightless—nothing without her touch.

It’s been a very strange relationship.

She said that she likes long walks on the beach,

But every time we’ve tried to go,

The tides come in. I don’t know what that’s all about.

She says it’s all relative.

I’m a nerd, and she knows it, but she still stays.

Some part of me hopes that she always will.

I think I’d probably fly off hurtling into space

If she ever left. It would be the breakup felt

By everyone around the world,

Even the people who don’t know me.

They’d all feel it. They’d all know.

What would they do if they found

Out? If they knew that I was the one who’d

Pushed her away? I think that they’d find

Me fairly repulsive. Yet somehow, I doubt

That they’d be in any position to do anything

About it at that point.

So I stay in this loveless relationship,

More out of the convenience of it than

Anything. It’s better for all of us that

Way, isn’t it? I mean, despite my feelings,

The attraction is oddly irresistible.

I’ll always be hers. It’s almost a crushing

Feeling of inevitability. Oh well. I’m stuck with her.






That bitch.


And then it was that we arrived atop that mountain

And gazed around at the world below us, the valley

We had left that morning cloaked in clouds, the

Mountain topped with pine and fir. The cold wind

Swirled around us, and you drew your cloak tight

Over your shoulders, shivering in the afternoon sun.

Across the vale we could see our destination, floating

In the clouds and fog, shimmering in the distance,

Kissed by the light and I kissed your lips lightly.

It seemed a place from another world, a gulf beyond

Measure keeping us from the castle in the sky.

And then it was that we remembered

When together, we can fly.

Hohenzollern Castle, Germany

 As April is National Poetry Month, I present to you an older piece, one that I did two years ago in a class on Poetry and Social Justice. I’ve mentioned it once or twice before. This poem, “Dog,” was published in Active For Justice back in 2010, and I’ve linked to it previously, but now I’ll present the poem in its unedited entirety. Enjoy.


My face is new to you today, but you say hello to me

Anyway. I’m tired as hell, feeling sick, and my feet are

Already sore. It’s not a big deal, though, not in comparison.

Anyway, we’re not even halfway through this walk.

I’m young. I can handle it.

You smiled honestly as we walked up to you, as if

You knew what we were going to say and what we

Were going to offer you. Yes, you say, it’s a byooo-

Tee-full day outside today, but it’s going to get chilly

Tonight, when the sun sets.

I don’t know what your real name is. Out here you’re

A nickname. It’s protection. No one can hurt you if

They don’t know who you are. That’s the idea, at

Any rate. But no one can help you if they don’t know

That you’re here.

It’s a little after noon. I shouldn’t be so tired, and it

Really shouldn’t be an issue, not when I’m seeing

How you and your friends live. Not when I’m seeing

How badly you might need medicine, or propane to keep

Warm, or even just a damn toothbrush.

You don’t say “fucking” in front of us. You try to maintain

Some sort of air of being a gentleman in front of the lady in

Our group. She’s touched by this, and the fact that you call
Her byooo-tee-full, Despite that you’re wearing an inside-out

Hoodie and a bandana, and rarely put down your beer.

You know why you’re here today. You know that you’ve made

Some mistakes. Trusted people you shouldn’t have. Not trusted

The ones who would’ve helped you. Doesn’t matter now. You’re

Here, among friends, fellows, living together in a canvas city

Beside the creek.

You’re glad to see us walking the trail today. My tiredness and

Physical weakness is forgotten as you shake my hand and I feel

Your strength. Strength that you long to put to use for the benefit

Of a society that has shunned you because you don’t conform to

Its standards.

I wish that I could stay to chat with you longer, but we’ve still got

A lot of trail to cover. You’ve got places to be too, now that your

Natty Light and your hand-rolled smokes are done with. Lunch time’s
Over. It’s time for you to grab your bike and move on for a few hours,

But you’ve inspired me more than you’ll ever know.

I hope I see you again, under better circumstances.

                                    -Philip Krogmeier

                                January, 2010