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It’s been a while since I’ve done some of this, so here’s some fresh Magnetic Poetry for you.


“my goddess
whispers a symphony
in a thousand languages
and I go to her
together always as lovers in
every moonlight dream”

Magnetic Poetry copyright information can be found here.

Magnet Poem #4

soft lips cry out with gentle
passionate bliss.
a boy entwined with
his goddess
always faithful through time
heaven and hell have
no power over his soul
for he has paradise
in her velvet embrace





Magnetic poetry copyright info can be found here.



Magnet Poem 3

she was a dream
a beauty like music
a frantic need
I pictured her
watching rain and mist
my love by the sea


Magnetic Poetry copyright info found here.

I’ve managed to wrangle a little bit of work time to craft another Magnetic Poem for you.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.


As per last time, copyright info for Magnetic Poetry can be found here. I just use the product to come up with ideas for you, dear reader. I’m not sponsored or anything, though that would be awesome. *cough* HEY! MAGNETIC POETRY PEOPLE! *cough*

The text of the above pictured poem is here.

“I ask only for you to
lie near me my goddess
sing of light and beauty
live for when the moon loves
like we do
recall love and soar”

Wha? Eleven days? What the hell, April? I’m sorry, everyone. I’ve done all of no writing on here in a week and a half. On the plus side, I wrote something for you at work yesterday.

Yes, I got paid to do this, but only because I was on the clock at the bookstore.

Yes, I got paid to do this, but only because I was on the clock at the bookstore.


My boss was in the process of rearranging half of the gift merchandise in the store when I got to work last night, and she handed me the Magnetic Poetry (copyright info here) display. We were switching all of the magnets to a slightly smaller display, so I was instructed to fit all of the demo magnets on the smaller stand. I did as instructed, but I also took the time to craft a short poem for my favorite readers (but don’t worry, you can all read it).

And here’s the text of said poem, just in case you’re having trouble getting that photo to load.

“let me dream of you
and worship like rain
for a rose & love like
a storm above the sea”