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I’ve managed to wrangle a little bit of work time to craft another Magnetic Poem for you.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.


As per last time, copyright info for Magnetic Poetry can be found here. I just use the product to come up with ideas for you, dear reader. I’m not sponsored or anything, though that would be awesome. *cough* HEY! MAGNETIC POETRY PEOPLE! *cough*

The text of the above pictured poem is here.

“I ask only for you to
lie near me my goddess
sing of light and beauty
live for when the moon loves
like we do
recall love and soar”


  1. I just got a new set of those, the geek set. I have the Shakespeare ones, they should be fun to combine.

    • They’re a blast. We sell them at the store, and so I take every opportunity to play with them. I like seeing how long my poems stay up once I’ve written them.

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