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Monthly Archives: March 2014

A wager once,
Now a confluence,
Defined by writers who
Gather to share their stories
With like-minded others and learn
To express themselves, leaving each one
Vulnerable, but stronger. Thanks, and farewell.


This piece is my entry for the final Trifecta Writing Challenge, and as per our prompt, is a 33-word free write. I would like to thank everyone who has come to visit my blog since I started the Trifecta entries exactly one year ago today. It’s been a hell of a year. You are all absolutely incredible people, and I hope that we manage to keep in touch with each other even after our weekly writing assignments are no more. Particular thanks must, as almost always, go to V. Without her, I never would’ve discovered the joys of these challenges. It’s a very bittersweet day indeed. I like to think that I’ve grown a great deal as a writer since I started participating in Trifecta, and it’s all thanks to you, dear readers, fellow Trifectans. Thank you. I’ll see you around.









“A Dream”

I dreamed of a night too hot to sleep,
So I wandered under the light of stars
And a moon that smiled like you did
On another night so long ago, my bare
Feet touching nothing but cool grass,
Gently tickling my soles until I smiled

I dreamed that I walked for many miles,
Until I reached the shaded edge of a
Forest of towering, trembling oaks, and
I saw there, standing alone at the verge,
You, clad in such blue that the skies
And seas wept jealous tears at seeing

I dreamed you glided across the grass,
And reached out your hand to lead me
Down the secret paths to forest’s heart.
We found a clearing, bathed in starlight,
And fell down together there, and for a
Night, a brief night, the world was only


“My Dearest,” the letter read, “You know that I would do anything in this world to satisfy you, your every need, every desire. All you must do is say yes. I love you.”

For this week’s Trifecta Challenge, we were given the word “satisfy” and a 33-word limit.

Dear Readers New and Old,

Thank you! I’ve officially passed 200+ followers here. Thank you for your support, and for taking the time to stop by to read once in a while. You are all amazing people (even you, followers who are potentially actually robots). Keep doing what you do, and I’ll keep doing what I do.



I know that this is not
The end of the world,
But now the end holds
No fear for me. For I
Do not fear death,
And I now know the
Pain of losing you.

I know that this is not
The end of the world,
For I know that I
Shall not live to see
It. Nor would I want
To carry on if I would
Do so without you.

I know that this is not
The end of the world,
And I do not believe
In hell, though I
Have survived the tortures
That any hell could
Hold for one such as me.

I know that this is not
The end of the world,
Though I have raged
Against death and sorrow,
And found my only
Comfort in the arms of
Those I hold most dear.

When I can no longer hear your voice,
I will seek out your words.
If I have nothing else of you,
No lingering trace of your
Perfume, no lasting warmth from
Where your head once rested
Next to mine, I will still have
Your words.
If your face fades from my
Mind as the years pass, and the dreams
We once shared in confidence
Are forgotten in the light of days
Long gone, I will still have your words.
When all else in my world is lost,
I will still have your words, whispered,
Resounding for eternity in my heart.

This week’s Trifextra Challenge was a fun variation on the usual. We had 33 words for our entry, and were instructed to include a palindrome (either a single word, or a palindromic phrase). I found one that I’ve included at the end of my piece.


Kisses will be given, not stolen. Stories will be shared, and dreams realized. Wounds will heal with the passage of time, and we’ll gaze with amazement at our progress. Won’t lovers revolt now? 

This week’s Trifecta Challenge gave us the third definition of the word “worm” and a strict limit of 33 words. Here’s my entry.

“Promises to Keep”

I know you wanted to worm the information from me. I wasn’t about to give you the satisfaction, not even close to giving in and breaking the trust.

I owed her that much.

“Come Walk With Me Beneath The Stars”

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And we’ll watch our breath rising to
Meet the moon above.

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And count the constellations that
Are familiar, and name our own.

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And wonder at the age and the
Depth of the universe.

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And hold your hand in mine, our
Fingers intertwined.

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And we’ll sing songs that echo to
The sky and distant mountains.

Come walk with me beneath the stars,
And we’ll walk throughout the
Night, and leave the world behind.