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I’ve accomplished a goal that I’ve had for six years. I finally acquired print copies of the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 core rule books.

Yes, it’s kind of a big deal. There’s something awesome about having the actual books and not having to rely on PDF versions, especially when outlets for laptops are limited in our gaming spaces. Granted, I don’t have as much use for them right now as I would have a few years ago (mostly due to playing a lot of Pathfinder of late). However, I plan (and oddly enough, even hope) to be a parent someday. So when the girlfriend and I finally do have a kid, they’ll eventually be old enough to pick dad’s Player’s Handbook off the shelf. On that day, family game night gets a lot more interesting.

“Honey, get the dice and the video camera. We’ve been waiting for this moment.”

“Remember, offspring, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. So is antimagic, disintegrate, scorching ray…”

“Two rules. Keep the cleric alive, and never split the party.”


  1. Yay! 3.5 was the best.

    I first played D&D with my parents. It wasn’t all magic and rainbows (it was a lot like most families’ Monopoly nights), but it’d probably go better with a family that isn’t a rolodex of neurological disorders. May your eventual offspring roll well.

    • Thankee. I remember you telling me that your family game nights were D&D when you were younger. That’s half the inspiration.

      Also, wait… Not a rolodex of neurological disorders? You have met me, right?

  2. Brilliant. I’ve got mine too, and for 4.0, though I don’t care much for those ones. I miss playing D&D, and it would be awesome to play with my kiddos when I have them. With any luck I can marry a guy who can DM, because I suck at it though…may your kiddos’ natural 20s outnumber their critical failures!

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