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The Hobbit is coming. I have had my tickets for a month. That is all.


  1. I’m super sad, our theatre is under new management and they’re not doing midnight showings. Lame. Gonna see it regardless, but there’s something special about being there in the middle of the night with a pile of other hardcore fans. Have fun!

  2. Got my VIP tickets — so excited! VIP means I get assigned seating, leather chairs, alcohol … gonna be a fantastic night 😀

    • I’m just happy that it’s finally here, though your theatre sounds awesome!

      • I’m pretty psyched myself 😀 My theatre is pretty awesome, not gonna lie. However, the tickets are $20 each, which is a little excessive in my opinion.

        • Well that all depends on how many times you plan to go see it again. 😀

          • Haha probably just the once. Then again, I haven’t seen how awesome it is yet. So subsequent viewings might follow …

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