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“I know,” he whispered.
“I wanted to kiss you
In it. But there will be
Other rainy days.”

It’s May 1st, and I woke up to a beautiful Colorado snowfall.

And one very confused robin

And one very confused robin…

I’m pleased by this, believe it or not, and not just because I like winter. You see, usually a morning like this would make me want to climb back into bed, shut off my phone, and sleep the day away while I was still nice and warm. Today, though, something’s different.

Stay tuned.



For the briefest of eternities,
I am lost in dream, open meadows
The likes of which I’ve never known
In the Waking lie before me, green
And lush and full of new lives.
But I blink into wakefulness
And the dream is gone, naught but
A fleeting memory captured
In a poem.

I wanted to lie down

There, on the grass

On the edge of green.

Blue skies hid between

The clouds and the

Branches of cherry blossoms.

I wanted to rest there,

If only for a moment.

Just to see how it feels.

I wouldn’t have minded

The stares from passers-by.

Very few people could spy

Me there between the rows

Of white marble.