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Tag Archives: hope

I know that the winters
Seem hard and cold, and
I know that the dark
Seems endless.

Remember that wheat is
Planted before the winter,
And awaits the freeze
That it might sprout in


What do you do
When someone you love
Tells you that you
Saved their life?

How do you feel
When you realize that
You didn’t know that
They needed help?

Where do you turn
When you believe that
You have reached the
End of everything?

Do you worry that
You might have to
Come to the rescue
One more time?

Or do you simply
Face each new day
With utmost hope for
Those you love?

I go to sleep
Each night with my
Phone on and by
My pillow, close.

So that the ones
I love might sleep
And know that I
Will always answer.