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Monthly Archives: May 2014

I’ve managed to wrangle a little bit of work time to craft another Magnetic Poem for you.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.

Muahahaha! Still getting paid to do this.


As per last time, copyright info for Magnetic Poetry can be found here. I just use the product to come up with ideas for you, dear reader. I’m not sponsored or anything, though that would be awesome. *cough* HEY! MAGNETIC POETRY PEOPLE! *cough*

The text of the above pictured poem is here.

“I ask only for you to
lie near me my goddess
sing of light and beauty
live for when the moon loves
like we do
recall love and soar”

“I Feel You”

I feel you, touching at the edges of
My consciousness as I sleep, dancing
The dance we never shared and laughing
Brighter than the sun that peers through
My window

I feel you, distant but never lost
In the darkness that has filled me
Since I cast myself into exile
And set upon my path, questing
For redemption.

I feel you, my muse, reaching for me,
Struggling to find your way to me,
Hesitant but bold, timid but daring,
Seeking courage in contradiction as I seek
Your inspiration.



“The Girl Who Smelled Of Pine”

Once, I met a girl who smelled of pine.
I saw you from a distance,
Winged goddess of death and
Beauty, pale, raven-haired,
But baring a smile that belied
The danger behind it, and
So I was drawn irresistibly
To you, heeding no warning.

Your eyes are a distant green
Light across the narrow bay.
Every whisper from your lips
A siren song, beckoning me.
I grew closer to you with each
Passing year, and yet you
Remained elusive, hovering
Just beyond my reach.

I know that I will find you again,
My lover who smells of pine,
No matter how many years or
Lifetimes may pass us by.
And I will never forget the
Scent of you, the brightness
And laughter that has faded
But will return in its time.