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For this weekend’s Trifextra Challenge, we were instructed to write 33 words about a beast in an unusual place. As it’s nearly Hallowe’en, I decided to write this one for you. Why? Because flash-fiction horror is fun! Here’s “Seeing is Believing.”

“Mom! Can you come look at my eye?”

“What for?”

“It feels weird.”

“Did your brother poke you again?”

“No, Mom. Just come look.”

“Coming. Now, what THE HELL IS IN YOUR EYE?!”


  1. Sounds as if the eye has taken on a life of its own. Cool!

  2. I love that we don’t know what she’s seeing–sometimes the imagination is better than any description! Nice job.

  3. I love the suspenseful cliff hanger!

  4. How very frightening!

  5. Ouch..

  6. That’s not something you want to hear! Freaky.

  7. Is it a beast? Tell me it’s not a beast. Yikes!

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