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For this week’s Trifextra challenge, we were prompted to write the origin of a superhero in thirty-three words. I debated doing someone from my favorite comic book series, but then I remembered I had this little thing floating around in my drafts folder, so you get someone original-ish. Enjoy.

The Librarian:

Raised in secret in the catacombs beneath our nation’s capital. Trained from birth in the ways of those who have always walked in silence. He is the peerless warrior of words. The Librarian.






  1. I like that the keeper of books is a secret super hero!

  2. The most underrated superhero of all 😀

  3. Fascinating piece!Will google about this one-need to learn more:-)

  4. That superhero is my fav

  5. No better heroes and heroines than librarians.

    Thanks for linking up! Please don’t forget to come back to vote!

  6. Hey! I awarded you with the Super Sweet Blog Award! Check here!

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