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This week, I decided to compete in a Trifecta writing challenge for the first time. As usual, it’s V’s fault. For the challenge this week, we were given three words. They could be used in any order, but we were only allowed to add 33 words for a total of 36. Our words were rain, rebellion, and remember. Here’s my entry.


*       *       *

It’s been thirty years this week. Thirty long years since the day that the blood fell like rain. The city in the clouds above us had erupted in war, a full fledged rebellion.

I still remember.




  1. welcome to the challenge. Your first effort with us did you well. 🙂

  2. I like the idea of a fight city in the clouds and the raining blood is NOT metaphorical. Nice.

    • Thank you! I thought it was fun to take it a little more literally. Maybe it’s just because I’m a Metalocalypse fan. 😀

  3. the idea of blood falling like rain… truly disturbing.

  4. Oh I like it! The image is vivid. Nicely done!

  5. Now that is a disturbing image, and I love it. (:

  6. This sounds like the opening to a book – one I’d read, personally. Blood falling like rain is a horrific and fascinating image.

  7. Well, that’s certainly something I’m happy to be blamed for. Neatly done.

  8. Welcome to Trifecta ,with this great entry:-)

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