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Several months ago, and courtesy of V, I came across an awesome little utility called “I Write Like.” It’s a neat little tool that compares your word usage, syntax, and other stylistic choices to those of numerous famous authors. Ever curious to see if that fantasy piece stacks up alongside Le Guin or Lewis? Now you can find out. There’s something incredibly satisfying about knowing that your own fiction (or non, iwl isn’t picky) is similar in tone to the stuff you read all the time when you were younger. Don’t know the author they’ve given you as a comparison? “I Write Like” includes a link to that author’s works on amazon. Give it a try right here.


  1. Er, and who do you write like? My results said Stephen King!

    • I’ve gotten varying results depending on the piece I submitted. Cory Doctorow, Stephen King, etc. I have a lot of different styles.

      • In the words of Will Smith, you need to find your authentic swing.

  2. Interesting, my first submission came back as Rudyard Kipling. I should try some others.

  3. I’ve also gotten Arthur Clark and H.P. Lovecraft. I kind of like this…dear lord, another sample gave me Stephenie Meyer, and yet another gave me Anne Rice. I didn’t think my styles were this different. Poetry yielded Chuck Palahnuik.

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