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Daily Archives: March 28th, 2011

I feel like I’m standing still, and the world is passing me by. I know, it’s an old cliché, but sometimes the old ones are the best and most accurate. I’m working in one job that’s going nowhere and another that I just started but already feels like it’s stalled. It’s hard to judge my desire to continue at either of these, especially since I’ve now tasted the sweet possibility of full time employment. It’s tantalizingly close. Even if they say no, I’ve gotten too close to feel content with a couple of part-time gigs anymore. It’s a horrible thing, honestly. I realized that I’ve been in one place for the last six months, and it’s looking like the ship is going to sink. If I have to, I’ll stay til the bitter end, but I’m afraid that end could be very bitter indeed.

I sit here in the living room of an apartment that has been home for nearly eight months, knowing that I’ve never been able to afford to live here, and that it’s only through the generosity of friends and family (and incredibly fortuitous circumstances) that I’ve been able to scrape by thus far. I love the life of a struggling/aspiring writer.

On the plus side, my relative level of stress right now is inspiring me to write more when I have the opportunities. Just the other day at work, I got to write quite a bit of further characterization for Arsus, Rime, Zach, Landara, Miles, and Rebecca. You see, this is their story. The interactions between these characters and their world is what moves this whole thing along. If it weren’t for them, I’d never have known anything about what they went through on their journey across the desert. Their will be happiness for some, in the end. I can’t guarantee that everyone will be thrilled with the way things go, but that’s because I don’t know the whole thing yet. Oh, sure, Zach and Arsus have dropped a couple of hints. Miles has been pretty quiet, though, since he muttered his name. I think he might be a bit of a pyro, since he just sits there playing with matches. That would be less worrisome were he not an alcoholic. Rebecca and Landara are spending more time together. I hope that they’re a good influence on one another. Rime is standing beside me, trying to say something. I should listen. After all, I’ve got an eight hour shift of work tomorrow. Plenty of time for me to write down anything he might be wanting to tell me.

I’d totally discount the voices in my head if they weren’t telling me about such an awesome adventure.