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As I continue to work on my own writing projects and various other job searches and whatnot (ah, the glorious life of the college graduate during that first year after commencement), I’ve established myself as a freelance editor. I’ve not had a whole lot of success with this thus far, just because of the nature of finding work in my field. However, one of my good friends has recently finished her first novel, and I am quite honored to say that I have been given the task of preliminary editing before passing it on to a literary agent. I guess that’s my way of saying “Nah nah,” because I get to read it first. 😀

I’m fleshing out characters even more. This week, I’ve been having a lot of discussions, as it were, with Zach, the narrator. Zach’s an interesting character to spend time with, but he’s not the protagonist, so it’s a balancing act to avoid putting him in the spotlight too much. He’s been telling me a lot about himself this week. For example, he’s a lot older than I originally thought, but it’s hard to judge the age of a man who may or may not have some sort of immortality.

Additionally, the heretofore unnamed characters hiding at the back of the group have finally spoken up. The alcoholic innkeeper says his name is Miles, and the little girl, whose relationship with Landara is probably going to have some similarities to the one you see here, is Rebecca. Say hello.



  1. Yay names! And good ones, too. I like Miles especially, though I couldn’t tell you why.

    Yeah, I had that issue with getting wrapped up in a character who wasn’t my protagonist at one point too. Mine was Halai, if that wasn’t obvious. I think you just have to mentally indulge it for a while and then wait until you get bored with them to actually write stuff about them down. Let him talk himself out, as it were.

    Also, thanks for the mention. Not gonna lie, I’m super nervous and have been doing my damnedest not to bug you. 🙂

  2. It’s all from Sonic the Hedgehog. I like the name Miles for that reason. 😀 But of course, it’s not the only reason.

    • Or is it just a reference to how far he’s traveling? Or perhaps just an attempt to counter half the party with weird names? Or a Sonic the Hedgehog reference? Oh, wait…damn, you’re good. 😀

  3. It’s always a fun feeling to get to read something first, and give suggestions for making it better or fixing minor mistakes or whatever. I’ve gotten to do that for a few of my friends, and it’s always such a pleasure. Just read the first two chapters of one of Chris Patton’s new books, and the fact that he’s giving his fans a sneak peek is awesome.

    As for your new characters, I like both their names. Miles reminds me of a dear friend I had growing up. We met at TKD, and now he’s a professional photographer. Rebecca is a special family name for us, the name of my great grandmother. A few of my cousins have it as a middle name, and if there’s another girl born in our family I’m sure she’ll be given it as a first name. Wonderful choices.

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