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So I put most of my time off yesterday to use reorganizing my bedroom/office in my apartment. I think it turned out well. My makeshift computer desk is now far more accessible, and I don’t have to sit on my bed  to really put it to use. All in all, it’s a far more utilitarian setup. Granted, my bed is now about a foot further away from my door, so that’s going to take some getting used to when I come back to my room and I’m about to pass out from booze/exhaustion. Oh well. It’s worth the cost of adjustment. I have a setup now that will allow me to be a lot more productive. It may be that I’m just feeling well rested from the back to back days off, but who cares. I’m raring to go right now, and I’m not going to complain about feeling motivated.

As part of my great rearrangement, I dug into my old notebooks. I managed to find nearly every page I’d ever written about one of the critical locations in the novel, Dhe’laza, the City of the Mountain Vale. This is a small, isolated city, located in a small valley surrounded by mountains. It’s a beautiful place, but it hides some dark secrets. It’s also the initial goal of the main characters in the story. As such, it needs to be one of the most well-planned locations that I am going to be describing. Within the pages I found in my notebooks, I found some of my details on the city, the governing body that rules it, and the people who reside within its walls. I’ve collected these pages and assembled them in a binder that’s going to serve as my main guide to the world I’m building. This is my great achievement today.

As I have said in an earlier post, I’m on deviantART as well as here. I’m all over the internet, remember? I’m going to close my relatively short post today by sending you this, just in case you ever want to see some of my other work. It resides here. Now to work.

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  1. Having a conducive space to work in can make all the difference. I know if I don’t feel settled and like the things I need are easily accessible, I don’t feel like working and anything I do come up with ends up not feeling like anything worthwhile. The more you describe this project, the more curious I am to read it.

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