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The Broncos won. This makes me happy, as both a native Coloradan and a lifelong fan of the team (I’m not the biggest fan, but I appreciate it when the Broncos win). Peyton Manning got another Super Bowl win, which makes me happy as well. When you’ve worked that hard for that long, it’s nice to have that achievement. I’d wanted him to have the same sort of finale to his career that John Elway did. Now he can.

The game was not a particularly spectacular one. There were some great moments, but for the most part, I didn’t feel like I was watching two of the top-rated teams in the NFL. I felt more like I was watching a lot of people who were too tired to keep doing this much longer. This happens when you’ve got defense-focused teams. Von Miller was at the top of his game, and deserved the MVP award. The Broncos played pretty much exactly as I expected them to. The Panthers, sadly, disappointed me. I was expecting more of a team with only one previous loss in the season. Still, I look forward to watching Cam Newton’s growth as a player, and hope for the best for him and his career.

Now for the rest of the Super Bowl-related things. The commercials and the half time show. The commercials in and of themselves mostly fell flat with me. I loved the sheep singing to Queen, though I question the need for a pickup with a stereo system in the bed, especially for ranching purposes (honestly, do you want to be loading feed and manure or what have you on top of your stereo equipment?). Coke did a great job with the Hulk/Ant-Man chase too. The half time show was amazing, with the exception of Coldplay. Bruno Mars? Great! Beyonce? Great! Coldplay? Eh.

Anyway, I return you to your non-sports-related content until the 2018 World Cup, unless the Broncos get back into the Super Bowl next year.


The Denver Broncos (my favorite football team since I was old enough to understand what everyone was yelling at the TV over) are going to the Super Bowl this year. I’m not normally overly concerned about football (or any other sport, for that matter), but this is a very exciting day for people in Colorado. So…

Yay Broncos!

We now return to your regularly scheduled blogging.