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There’s no sense trying to hide the fact that I really enjoy visiting cemeteries. It’s something that’s been a hobby of mine for years now, probably starting with the fact that there was a small graveyard about a mile from my childhood home. There’s something beautiful and tranquil about wandering from stone to stone, finding names you know, and relishing our mortality. Now personally, I’m all for cremation for myself when I go, but that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate the solemnity of the final resting place of others.

There’s an absolutely gorgeous cemetery about ten minutes away from my apartment, and I decided it was high time I took a trip to see what I could find. I was not disappointed. I roamed the grounds for nearly an hour, listening to the rain-like sounds of the leaves falling in the breeze, snapping photos with my phone whenever something caught my eye. Some of my favorites are here.

The most fitting thing I've ever found on a headstone.

The most fitting thing I’ve ever found on a headstone.

Meanwhile, near the entrance...

Meanwhile, near the entrance…

Beautiful view of Pikes Peak

Beautiful view of Pikes Peak

Sad but beautiful.

Sad but beautiful.

The way out.

The way out.







  1. Gorgeous. You need to come visit, I live between two cemeteries. One of them is quite old, and a lot of the names on the tombstones are old-school Spanish names, which are always good value. When I was in high school, driving home at night past it, one of the crosses would glow in my headlights, and it always freaked me out. During the day you wouldn’t even notice, but it’s covered in some sort of reflective metal.

    • Thank you, Angela! There are a couple of other cemeteries near my apartment, including a pauper’s cemetery, that I plan to visit. I love finding graveyards and libraries wherever I go. 😀

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