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I was driving home from work the other day, and I saw a sign taped to a streetlight. It read “Huge Book Sale” and had an arrow pointing around the corner. Several thoughts ran through my head, and it went a little like this.

“But I don’t NEED any huge books.”


“That joke shouldn’t have made me giggle.”

“I need more bookshelves.”

“Oh god, it’s a trap. A trap with the perfect bait.”

“I have to go.”

“I can’t go, I have no more money to spend on books.”

“I have empty cardboard boxes in my car, though…”

“No, seriously, it’s probably a trap. They know your commute.”

“Oh, shit, they know my commute. I better just go home.”

“I’m going home.”

Needless to say, I made it home safely, and wasn’t lured into a giant cardboard box with a trail of leather-bound classics leading up to it. Though that might work… Entertainingly enough, I was on my way to work a couple of days later, via a different route, when I saw a matching sign.

“Oh, shit. They really DO know my commute…”


  1. I dunno if I would have had your willpower. Regardless of my own dwindling space, I still find myself buying more books. I do need to do a culling though, and get rid of some titles I know I’ll never read again, or didn’t care much for.

    • After seeing the second sign, I was almost convinced that it was some sort of trap that had been set to catch me for some nefarious purpose. Part of me was still very tempted to go, even then. 😀

  2. I, too, saw that sign and had thoughts 1,3, and 7.

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