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June is here, and I’ve been productive. I’m almost (finally) completely unpacked and pretty well set up in my new apartment. I’m sorting through books and paring down to no more than two copies of any given title, though some exception may be made for collectible editions (I’m looking at you, Tolkien).

Why two? I like to share my books with my friends, and it never hurts to have a backup of something you’re going to loan to somebody. Plus, it’s a good chance for me to use this:

Knock Knock's Personal Library Kit

Why, yes! I DID buy this for myself. How did you know?

Besides, I need to free up room in my place for new books. I’m very much looking forward to what I find next. Every day around books is a beautiful adventure.


  1. For the most part I also have no more than two copies of my favorites, though that goes out the window when it comes to Tolkien, I think I’m up to about 6 different editions of LOTR, possibly more of them of the Hobbit, and I think a couple of The Silmarillion. I need more bookshelf space, badly. Dad says I’m becoming a hoarder, but it would be different if I had a library. Also, I love your personal library kit! Where did you get it?

    • Angela, I got it at Poor Richard’s. You’ll have to swing by and grab one next time you’re in town.

  2. Will do, gladly. I may need two, unless it has a refill kit. I have so many books to catalog.

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