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Today’s post was originally going to be something very different, but in light of the recent events in Boston, I felt compelled to share this instead.

A Message From Anonymous Operations:

This is a message to everyone , everywhere. Pass this message on.

“In the coming days we will have our heartstrings pulled and our humanity questioned. In the wake of the tragedy in Boston while we contemplate, information share, cry outrage and shame, and wave our tear stained fists at the sky something else is happening. While we are in mourning, there are those plotting to seize advantage of us. While you are reading this someone, somewhere is creating a ‘ribbon campaign’, another person is warming up the presses to make t-shirts and stickers, and yet another is formulating a plan for a fake donation system. While these people plot and plan there are others who are sitting at their desks crafting their words to use this tragedy to their own ends. They will question your charity, your patriotism, your beliefs and you actions or lack thereof. Until you come to their point of view they will not stop. You will see pictures of the dead and the dying, the maimed and the broken, the aftermath and the accused.

Turn a blind eye to this. Demand truth and do not give over to empty symbolic gestures driven by profiteering and greed feeding off of tragedy. When you give of yourself, give to those who need it directly. When you write, write as if you were the family, you were the victim, as if it was you who was killed. Do not let the mass media propaganda machine poison a single mind that you have access to. Do not let the conspiracy theorists with their outrageous speculations and sponsors sucker you into buying duct tape and plastic while stuck to your radio. Mourn the dead. Help the living. Educate the ignorant. Most importantly show that this and every other tragedy of it’s like will not polarize you to the ‘left’ or the ‘right’ but to the humanity. To every person who has died in this way. To every person who is wounded this way. To every person on their knees in anguish. The message to you is “We hear you. We will help you”. When you speak let your voice mean something. When you speak , speak with knowledge, wisdom, facts, and as much serenity as you can muster. Do not speak in anger, fear, hatred, or any other emotion that will only feed the monster that created this tragedy. You are better than this. Together we are better than this. We are the ones who run towards, not away. We are the gateway to a future where this does not happen, by sacrificing of ourselves in the now when it does happen. Do not let your act, your words, your sacrifices be in vain. Do not let the profiteers feed on this tragedy. Do not let the truth go unheard. Do not let this go unanswered, but do not let the answer be yet another act of needless violence against innocents. To paraphrase the words of William Shakespeare ; We are like stars, and while some of us may fall, our sky will not want. “


  1. Well put, Philip. I’ve already seen the results of falsehoods, and it’s only been a day.

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