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February is Library Lovers Month, so I’m going to share a little love for libraries that I found today. Courtesy of the folks over at Daily Infographic, here’s one titled Libraries Are Forever.



  1. I like the convenience ebooks offer but there is something about an actually hardcopy of a book that i just can’t give up

  2. It’s funny, because apparently Barnes & Noble is getting ready to abandon the Nook and basically adopt a Kobo-like model. Oh, if only we’d known that two years ago…

  3. Sounds pretty accurate, I know my preferences tend to run that way. I love my iPad and the books I can get on it almost instantly, but I still try to get a print copy of as many of them as I can, I love the pages in my fingers. Plus, when you go to book signings, you can’t very well have the author sign your tablet, can you?

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