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Time to break out the ironing board, ladies and gents, it’s my second job interview in the course of a week.

Under normal circumstances, this would be my first of two days off, but instead, I’m going to be going to interview for a forty hour a week job, that holy grail that we’re taught as children that we must achieve in order to be a real adult. This is a big deal, not because it would give me that immense psychological validation and approval from my parents (though it would do both of those things, I suppose), but because it would be something more than the part-time jobs I’ve been working for the last couple of years.

Now I’m in the process of preparing for one of the biggest job interviews of my career to date, and I’ve been given some really good advice. It’s not always quite enough to “just be yourself” in a job interview, because you still have to be the person that the company wants to hire. You have to stand out, especially when you don’t know how many people have already been interviewed before you and how many more are to come. To help me out, my girlfriend‘s mother sent me a list of the fifteen toughest interview questions that I might encounter. I’ve run into a lot of these before, and it’s really great to see some advice on handling the situations where you’re forced to think of something to say in response to “What’s your biggest weakness?” Worst question ever, by the way, aside from “How are you doing today?” Where’s my article telling me how to handle small talk? Ugh.

Anyway, as my longer-term readers are aware, I’ve been job hunting for effectively the entire time that I’ve been keeping this blog. I started The Swords of the Ancients while I was recovering from my first holiday season in corporate retail. Since then, I’ve interviewed for a LOT of different jobs, as I am always looking to expand my horizons and gain new skills and knowledge. Life gets kind of boring if you’re not learning something new, after all. I’m pretty well set in my current job, having worked here for over a year now, but it’s still only part-time. No offense to anyone, but it’s damn hard to live on a single part-time job, no matter where you are. Never mind the fact that I get a little crazy if I have too much free time. It’s a tricky balancing act. Something full-time would help me by forcing me to greater utilization of my time, and make me focus more on my writing during said free time, because it would be more precioussss. Gollum, gollum!

Ayah. See? This is what happens. I mean, yes, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy, but some work and too much play makes Philip go crazy. I need to go put on a nice shirt and tie and go pretend to be professional for an hour. Hopefully I’ll have good news soon.


  1. I’m also doing interviews these days myself. Had 5 this week. The weakness question is weaknesses here. They ask me first what my advantages are, followed by what my disadvantages are. Prepare your answers before hand. Be honest with yourself, honest with them, and tell them the flaws especially the ones that could be an advantage. Like for me: I tell them I’m too kind, passive, easy to impress, quick to trust, sensitive… but I definitely hide the fact that I’m bipolar. I just tell them I was clinically depressed if they ask why I gained over a 100 pounds! (this is an old pic btw)
    Best of luck!

    • Aimer, I wish you the best of luck in your own job search. It’s never easy to try to paint a better picture of yourself than you’re used to, but I’m sure that you can do it. Thanks for the well-wishes!

  2. Best of luck with your interview, Philip, and I agree with you on many points. Part time work is bad news, I get way too lazy when I have that much free time. Having that full 40 hour week, or thereabouts, really makes the difference in feeling like an adult in some cases. I actually have money saved, not a lot yet, but I have it to spend as well, and that feels amazing. Interviews are tough, but I’ve always been honest, and while that’s not always the best choice, I find many prospective employers like it.

    • Thanks, Angela! I think that it went well. I’ll hopefully know in a few days. I do my best to be honest and upfront with the interviewers about everything. I have a tendency to wax verbose when I’m feeling nervous, and I always get apprehensive in job interviews. I don’t know why. A former employer once told me that I’m one of the most charismatic people that he’d ever met, and that he wished that it showed better in the interviews.

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