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By adventure, this time I don’t mean going grocery shopping at Wal-Mart at 2 AM because I want to drink, but I don’t want to drink without having a frozen pizza to snack on while I do so.

It’s not that those kind of adventures aren’t awesome. They are. They frequently involve NERF guns too, for whatever reason.

No, this is going to be a bigger adventure. I’m going to be going on a trip in a few days. I can’t say exactly where I’m going to be going, but I’ll be away for about a week and a half. I’ll have one hell of a story for you when I get back, too, I can promise you that. I’ll be able to share more details after my return. Until then, you’ll just have to be patient.


  1. Have a great time and be safe, wherever you’re going, Philip.

  2. Safe journey! Looking forward to the tale of your adventure.

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