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Well, It’s been a nostalgia week, so I broke out the Game Boy Advance SP and Pokémon Yellow. As I played through the interactions between Ash and Gary (yeah, I’m a by-the-cartoon-purist. I don’t nickname my Pokémon either), I realized something. I don’t have anyone that I compete with on such a direct level, a true rival. Now granted, I’m also not wandering around the world, capturing various wild creatures and forcing them into battle with other kids’ captured animals (and here you grownups thought Pokémon was wholesome 😀   Seriously. How are animal rights activists not up in arms over this franchise?). But I digress. My point is, I don’t have someone that I’m constantly struggling against that I can use as a focus for my energy and as a source of determination. What’s this boil down to? I have little to no drive to do anything. I don’t know that developing a rivalry NOW would be the best thing to do, either, considering that the only person I know that I could even begin to consider as a writing rival is one of my best friends, and is letting me edit her first book. There’s also the fact that she’s already done with her first book, and I really just started laying down foundations for mine back in January. Oh well. I guess I’ll just have to keep going.

I found some pretty awesome stuff today, in my various roamings and divings of the internet. 1: A Pokémon Tower Defense game. Play it here. B: A blog of man who gets authors to insult him when they autograph books to him. Read it here. Amy Sedaris has given me my new favorite insult.  Finally: The ultimate bedroom. If I ever have the means, I want each of my kids to be able to grow up with a room like this. Yes, occasionally I go link-happy. Today is one of those days.

I’m playing with dialogue a lot right now, partly in response to Sonia M’s latest writing challenge. I’ve decided that my upcoming entry will be a nice bit of story/character development, starring Zach and maybe one or two of my other characters. Zach’s got hundreds of stories to tell, if not more. He’s been around for a while, remember? This will be the first time he’s ever told anyone else (other than me, I mean) one of them in his recent memory. I hope to put most of it to paper while I am at work tomorrow. More soon, I promise.

During the climax of the PS2 game, the Major is fighting hand-to-hand with another cyborg who has a body identical to her’s. Batou comes across the battle, and has to figure out which one of them is the real Major. He calls her name to get their attention, then shoots the one who turns to look at him.


  1. Great links! Looking forward to your entry!

  2. Bah, rivals are overrated. I had one once, no, twice; they weren’t worth the effort. The first one was the worse of the two, simply because she always beat me at things. It’s no fun to be the one shaking your fist and shouting “Curses! Foiled again!”

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