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I feel so accomplished! My blog got its very first bit of spam today. Thank you, askimet, for filtering such things. 😀

I’m sitting at home on a beautiful Saturday afternoon (or rather, what I believe to be a beautiful Saturday afternoon, since I haven’t actually looked outside yet), trying to rest after a somewhat trying week. My employer filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection this week. It’s been a long time coming, honestly, and it saddens me. My job will be unaffected for now, though, as due to the hard work and general awesomeness of the staff at my store, we are not on the list of stores that will be closed in the initial restructuring of the company. In response to this announcement, though, some customers have decided that they no longer need to be civil to us, since we’re “going out of business” (we are not).  They’re circling, waiting for us to go under so that they can get liquidation prices on everything, not giving a damn that it means that, if our particular store were to close, thirty-some-odd people (many with families to support) would be out of jobs. I hate humanity sometimes. I have no problem with becoming a crazy old recluse. I just need internet to keep in touch with my friends (I swear I’m not addicted to social networking…I’m only on facebook, and myspace and deviantART and this blog and youtube and skype and MSN and AIM, not twitter).

For the most part, though, things go well. I’ve been doing some job interviews this week, and I’m feeling fairly confident with my performance. I haven’t heard anything yet from either one. I suspect I won’t until Monday. *sigh* I hate this part of things.

It’s now Sunday afternoon, and considerable more beautiful than it was on Saturday afternoon, though the rain was very much appreciated. I’m looking forward to a day off that won’t be eaten by Starcraft. That’s right! Brood War has been completed at last. Now I just need to set aside money for a new computer so that I can play Starcraft II. Real-time-strategy (RTS) games have never been my forte, but I couldn’t resist Starcraft or Warcraft III. Those are parts of my childhood. Well, young life, not really childhood, per se. I’m not great at it. You won’t see me taking on the South Koreans any time soon, but I’m proud of myself for getting all the way through the original game and the expansion as quickly as I did. Now my afternoon will be free to read Neverwhere or finish Epic Mickey. I’m thinking that some serious writing might need to get done as well.

The narrator has been named. A couple of years ago, my friend and I were discussing pen names, and potential ones that would suit us. I’ve decided that rather than using the pseudonym for myself, I will use it for one of my characters. Arsus, Rime, and Landara will now be accompanied by Zachariah Shadowood, along with a couple of other yet-unnamed characters. “Zee” will be a fun character to write as well, and I think that he will provide a pretty special view of things. He’s a wandering warrior/poet, so having him narrate will be quite fitting. Imagine that bard who is always wandering along recording everything the great heroes say and do. Now imagine that he’s got to put up with the constant bickering of Arsus and Rime, another character who’s an alcoholic, an obsessive-compulsive gambler, and a little girl. Yeah. It’s going to be a wonder if he doesn’t lose his mind by the end of things.

Anyway, back to work. Lunch break is only so long.




  1. I was wondering if your store would be affected by the bankruptcy, and I’m glad to hear it’s not. People suck, and greed is really a monster at work in our society when it comes to a lot of these situations. And as long as you haven’t yet succumbed to Twitter, I think you’re safe from the social networking addiction label. =P Twitter is evil.

    Hope the job interviews went well for you and that you hear some positive things back on them. Monday is a holiday, so not sure you’ll hear back quite that quickly, but you never know. Good luck, anyway.

    Ah, the warrior poet. Zachariah Shadowood is an epic name, and the more I hear of your work the more I’m dying to read it. I was never adept at playing bards, I can’t get my head around acting like an extrovert. Rogues were always my forte, and I miss playing them. Paladins didn’t work out for me either, lawful gets boring way too quickly.

  2. It’s sad that people behave that way, but one has to remember that the current economy may well have been hard on them too. A single carcass will draw a huge number of vultures if there’s nothing else around to eat. I’m very glad, though, that it’s not a carcass yet. They’ll learn their lesson.

    Humanity sucks, but the bastards are sadly the source of our power.

    And huzzah for Shadowood. Loving the crew you’ve got set up so far. Very ‘Island of Misfit Toys’.

  3. Only without the singing. 😀

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